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Candidate's Statement of Qualifications

Candidate's Statement of Qualifications

Yorba Linda is one of the safest cities in America. This used to just be a statistic for politicians to tout... not anymore. No community can take its safety and well-being for granted.

As a retired Police Chief, I have always understood that freedom is not free and that every community has to look deep into its core values to determine where to deploy tax dollars.

When I was Chief, I developed and lived within city budgets. I know that politicians can play with numbers and say they support public safety, only to turn around and squander tax dollars instead of putting dollars to work to protect our community. As Councilman and your Mayor in 2015, I have not and will not let this happen. I have three priorities for the next term in office:

  • First: Supporting Public Safety. I am the Chairman of the Orange County Fire Authority. Police and Fire are top priorities.

  • Second: I am a Fiscal Conservative which earned me the endorsement of the Orange County Taxpayers Association.

  • Third: Limiting the Size of Government. I will continue to refuse to take taxpayer-paid benefits.

I respectfully ask for your vote.

Thank you Yorba Linda,

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