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Public Safety

As a former law enforcement officer, Gene is proud that Yorba Linda has one of the lowest crime rates in Orange County. Maintaining City services that keep his fellow residents safe is Gene's top priority.

Fiscal Discipline

Managing Yorba Linda's financial health is a duty Gene takes very seriously. Gene is a life-long tax fighter and advocate for reducing the burden of city fees on residents.Throughout his tenure, Yorba Linda has maintained a balance budget.

Smaller Government

As a strong conservative, Gene believes in the principles of small, efficient government that works for its citizens. During his tenure, he has been vocal in his disapproval of State interference in city governance and issues that directly affect the lives of Yorba Linda's residents.

Managed Growth

Gene is a vocal supporter of property rights and responsible, managed growth. His goal is always to do what's best for his fellow residents. Any project brought before Council is carefully researched and analyzed by Gene to ensure it maintains Yorba Linda's unique character and is in the best interest of the City.

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NOVEMBER 3, 2020




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