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For Immediate Release

August 26th, 2016

Contact: Arianna Barrios, (949) 215-5539

Communications LAB


Yorba Linda Community Leaders and Residents Support

Hernandez Re-Election Bid

YORBA LINDA, CA - Gene Hernandez released a second list of endorsements today that continue to speak to his trust and experience. The list contains many Yorba Linda community leaders and neighbors including business owners, Chambers or Board members, leaders of local organizations and more.

"Serving the people of Yorba Linda has been a great honor these past four years," said Hernandez. "The growing list of my fellow residents and business owners who have added their names to my endorsements shows that our City is on the right track."

The endorsement list includes:

Community Leaders:

  • Wayne Lindholm, President, Lincoln Club of Orange County

  • Greg Gianelli, President, California Republican Assembly, YL-P Unit

  • Jose Alire, Assistant City Manager, Chino

  • Julie Astle, 2007 Yorba Linda Citizen of the Year

  • Mike Shanahan, 2011 Yorba Linda Citizen of the Year

  • Bridget Blehm, Exec. Dir., For Families of Active Military

  • Jerry Brakebill, Frm. Board Pres., Placentia-Yorba Linda USD

  • Sandee Van Oyen, Arts & Culture Collective of Yorba Linda

  • Bob Wren, Ret. OCSD Lt. Chief of Police Services for Yorba Linda

  • Brian Moore, President, Yorba Linda Chamber of Commerce

Business Owners & Residents:

  • J Brown, Commercial Realtor

  • Rose Edwards, Business Owner

  • Dan Faithe, Business Owner

  • Emily France, Public Affairs Manager

  • Dan Hughes, Police Chief

  • Edie Israel, Realtor

  • Les Mesa, Ret. Police Sergeant

  • Robin Moore, Adjunct Professor

  • Lou Knappenberger, Business Owner

  • Brian Prieto, D.C., Business Owner

  • Frank Stefano, Business Owner

  • Pat Buttress, Public Affairs Consultant

  • Tara Campbell, Business Owner


Hernandez was first elected to the Yorba Linda City Council in 2012 and was appointed by the Council to serve as Mayor in December, 2014. During his Council tenure, Hernandez has served on a number of regional and county boards including the Orange County Fire Authority where his elected peers voted for him to serve as Chairman. Hernandez is a 31-year resident of Yorba Linda along with his wife, Louise, both of whom are deeply committed to community service within the city.

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