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eNews from Councilmember Hernandez - October 2016

Dear Friend:

Thank you for all of your support on my campaign for the Yorba Linda City Council. It is because of you that my campaign's success is continuing to prosper. Election day is on November 8th; that's just a little over a month away!

This past month, our City's progress has included additions to both our retail infrastructure and our parks and recreation. We also remembered September 11, 2001, and those that gave their lives by running into the towers, saving countless lives by helping so many people to safety. Thank you to those that served and continue to serve.


Gene Hernandez

Yorba Linda City Council


Yorba Linda Town Center Retail Project

Until recently, Savi Ranch has been the premier hub for shopping and dining for residents. However, the City is anxiously anticipating a new amenity and shopping destination in the downtown area.

Located near the intersection of Imperial Highway and Yorba Linda Boulevard, the Town Center is being developed in the heart of Yorba Linda's historic downtown area. Many buildings are dated from the early 1900s and, along with pedestrian-friendly streetscape improvements on Main Street, will impart a small town atmosphere to this potentially vibrant commercial district.

To learn more about the Town Center Retail Project and see what significant steps have been made, click here!


Opening of Gun Club Road Linear Park

On August 13th, Yorba Linda added another jewel in our trail system with the opening of Gun Club Road Linear Park. Yorba Linda residents can enjoy walking, biking or horseback riding on the new three-quarter-mile trail. Gun Club Road Linear Park is 7.5 acres and connects Yorba Linda Boulevard to Bastanchury Road.

There are 100 miles of trails throughout Yorba Linda. Gun Club Road Linear Park utilizes various trails and pathways surrounding the park for discovering the beautiful environment throughout Yorba Linda.


Remembering 9/11

Last month, I attended an amazing ceremony in remembrance of September 11th with OCSD Sheriff-Coroner Sandra Hutchens, Maj. General Daniel O'Donohue, Commanding General, 1st Marine Division, Yorba Linda Mayor Tom Lindsey and OCFA Chief Jeff Bowman.

The vivid, shocking, and unthinkable images of that early fall morning 15 years ago are forever etched in our collective memories. They are now part of our collective culture as a nation.

Not just on this solemn day, but every day of the year, it's hard to look at a firefighter or police officer and not recall the tremendous sacrifice made by first responders on Sept. 11, 2001.

  • 343 members of the FDNY

  • 23 members of the NYPD

  • 37 members of the Port Authority Police

From their selfless acts on that fateful day, let us always remember their faith in each other, their strength to fight through smoke and flames, and their courage to go where few others would, knowing they may never return.



Hernandez was first elected to the Yorba Linda City Council in 2012 and was appointed by the Council to serve as Mayor in December, 2014. During his Council tenure, Hernandez has served on a number of regional and county boards including the Orange County Fire Authority where his elected peers voted for him to serve as Chairman. Hernandez is a 31-year resident of Yorba Linda along with his wife, Louise, both of whom are deeply committed to community service within the city.

For more information, please visit


Gene Hernandez for Yorba Linda City Council 2016 * Campaign ID# 1350822, 360 E. 1st Street, #736, Tustin, CA 92780

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