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CWLA PAC Endorses Hernandez Campaign

I am very proud to receive this endorsement from a group that believes in smaller government, individual freedom and economic opportunity. I embrace their philosophy and have a proven track record to support my claim.

"Congratulations! You have received the endorsement of the California Women’s Leadership Association Political Action Committee (CWLA PAC).

After careful consideration we believe that you are the best qualified to represent our values as a part of the Yorba Linda City Council. CWLA PAC believes in smaller government, individual freedom and economic opportunity through free market principles.

As a proud supporter of your candidacy we encourage you to advertise our endorsement on any campaign material, but ask that you indicate it is CWLA PAC. In addition please forward all event information, as we will feature your events for this race exclusively.

We wish you success in your campaign and look forward to victory! If there is anything we can do to support you further please do not hesitate to let us know.

Ashley Hayek

Executive Director"

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